A Wedding Toast Poem

If you are looking for a wedding toast poem, look no further! This poem is a great way to make a short but meaningful toast to the happily married newlyweds.

Happy Years

I'd like to make a wedding toast,
To the two I love the most,
So let me briefly have the room,
To quickly toast the bride and groom.

They met and then they fell in love,
Like beautiful, romantic doves,
But, of course, I do digress,
This happy couple is the best.

I wish them many happy years,
And hope they'll just shed happy tears,
And may they make their lives worthwhile,
And live to make each other smile.

by Lucilla Moretti
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Wedding toasts are great, and are something that the guests and newlyweds enjoy. They can be humorous, witty, touching or just delivered in a way that reflects the mood of the person giving the toast. No matter what the theme, a poem works perfectly as a toast because the speaker can recite (or read) each line with feeling and emotion.

This poem would be perfect for anyone looking to make a wedding toast that is meaningful to the couple, and to the person giving the toast as well. "Short and sweet" are the words that come to mind when reading this wedding toast poem. It would be very easy to memorize, and the speaker can easily convey the meaning behind the words.

I've been to several weddings where toasts were given, and I've heard funny toasts and long, rambling toasts, but the ones that stuck with me the most were the short, meaningful toasts that were obviously sincere. I think this poem brings that message of sincerity across perfectly. It is a great wedding toast poem and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do!

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