Wedding Thank You Poems

Sharing wedding thank you poems with your wedding guests is a very unique and nice way to say thank you for being a part of our special day.

Sincerely Thank You!

We would like to thank you
In a very simple way,
For coming just to share,
Our special wedding day.

We're so glad you were there,
To celebrate our joy,
We hope that you were glad,
And the day you did enjoy.

So we sincerely thank you,
You are so dear a friend,
We simply are delighted,
That you did attend!

by Lucilla Moretti
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I hope that you liked the above poem. Here's another very sweet wedding thank you poem, that you may share with your guests.

Wedding thank you card verses are meant to be short and sweet, so that you can fit them on those small thank you cards.

Sweet Thoughtfulness

Thank you very kindly,
We do not say so blindly,
For the wedding gift you sent,
Was just so sweetly meant!

We really do just love it,
So thanks for thinking of it,
You are so very kind,
And the gift is such a find.

Your thoughtfulness is sweet,
Your present was a treat,
So thank you once again,
You're such a special friend!

by Lucilla Moretti

Personally, I think it's a good idea to include not only short wedding thank you verses in the thank you card, but also a nice little picture of yourself and your spouse taken on the wedding day.

What type of thank you poem are you looking for? Do you want to thank your guests specifically for the gifts? If that is the case, you could consider using the poem that talks about this on the thank you wedding poems page.

What about thank you poems for very close friends? Well, that's where Nicest Friend comes in. I recommend that you share that one with only your closest friends. So it's almost like a customized poem for just a few of your dearest friends.

Since you are on this page trying to choose between thank you poems for your wedding guests, you are a very considerate and thoughtful person. Because the reality is, a lot of couples don't send out thank you cards.

While the majority that do send out thank you cards, send out very generic ones, and often times outsource the actual work. Well you are different. You have taken it upon yourself to customize your thank you cards with these cute thank you poems.

This kind and personal gesture will surely be noticed and distinguished among family and friends. So I just want to congratulate you on your thoughtfulness and effort.

So I hope you had fun choosing the wedding thank you poems that will be shared with your guests.

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