Wedding Party Poetry

Wedding party poetry doesn't have to be serious or sentimental - it can be humorous, too! Print out this poem to share with someone at your wedding reception!

Really Fun

Relatives are drinking,
The groom is busy thinking,
The bride is quite stressed out,
And children are about.

It's kind of getting tense,
The best man's looking dense,
There seems to be some drama,
With someone's dear old mama.

But it's okay, for all this means,
Is that there's life behind the scenes,
This wedding party's really fun,
Just look around at everyone!

by Lucilla Moretti
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Once the wedding couple has tied the knot and sealed their wedding with a kiss, it's time to celebrate! Everyone can relax, let down their hair and just enjoy the reception. But up until that point, it sometimes seems like there is a whole lot going on behind the scenes! People might seem nervous, women are sizing one another up and kids are running amok!

These are just some of the things that add character to our experiences. Some of the best weddings that I've attended (and I've attended quite a few) have had all kinds of different things going on throughout the day, followed by wonderful and fun-filled celebrations at the receptions. Looking at things in a lighthearted way is just so important! You don't want stress to run the show, after all!

I think sharing this poem with someone at the wedding party would be a lot of fun. You could even pass it around, and the guests would probably get quite a kick out of it. As far as wedding party poetry goes, I think this one is pretty good.

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