Wedding Love Poems

Feel free to share these romantic wedding love poems with your new partner in life or with the bride and groom on their wedding day. You may also be interested in this wonderful little collection of love poems for him and her. May romance and love always fill your heart and soul.

It Shows

Words of love are spoken,
With soft and tender vows,
Flowers swaying gracefully,
Upon the treetop boughs.

The wedding couple whispers,
And then they share a smile,
They kiss each other, then proceed,
To walk back down the aisle.

The love is overflowing,
It's beautiful to see,
A wedding always truly shows,
How happy two can be.

by Lucilla Moretti
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I hope you enjoyed that poem. The remaining poems in this section are divided into two categories. Hopefully, this will help you find the poem that you are searching for much quicker.

Wedding Love Poems You May Share With Your Fiance or Fiancee

If you would like to share a sentimental love poem with the love of your life, I recommend, In Love With You. It's a nice little poem to declare your love to your wife or husband-to-be.

The days leading up to a wedding are often very stressful. That's why I think it's a great idea to surprise your bride-to-be with love poems for wedding rehearsals. These type of love poems are really capable of calming the stressed out bride, days or even hours before the wedding.


The ebb and flow of life's sequenced moments,
Thrusts along shuttling souls through pre-determined channels.

In the inertia of drowning chaos,
A collision of spirits, mingling tides stalled,
Re-emerging as a single, confident current.

The anticipation abandoned, Treading ceases, Pacifying comfort, Melding union.

By Kristen Card

You may also share a love poem wedding card with your fiance/fiancee a few days prior to the wedding. This is something that will mean so much and it certainly will be a very pleasant surprise.

But if you want to be super romantic, than feel free to give your fiance a nice romantic wedding poem.

Full Of Glee

There's so much love to be beheld,
When you're hearing wedding bells,
All are full of joy and cheer,
When the bride and groom are near.

There's so much love that fills the air,
When you see a wedded pair,
They are starting life anew,
Where one was, there now are two.

There's so much love at weddings, yes,
And all that love inspires the guests,
For what could be nicer to see
Than newlyweds, so full of glee!

by Lucilla Moretti

Wedding Love Poems You May Share With The Bride And Groom

Lovely Pair is a nice little poem that may be shared with the bride and groom as it talks about the strong love that they share and the union that is taking place.

How do you feel when you are a guest at a wedding? You must be very happy for the newlywed couple. Do you also feel romance in the air? I think wedding days are romantic not only for the bride and groom but also for the guests. With everyone dancing with their partners to all those sappy slow songs. Well that's where the idea came to create a page that talks about romantic poems for a wedding.

The last poem is cute and it talks about romance. I hope you enjoyed these wedding love poems and you share them with the bride and groom.

Our friends at have a little article that talks about the importance of never forgetting how to be romantic.

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