Wedding Invitation Verses

Are you looking for wedding invitation verses to include with your invitation cards? Right now there are twelve unique invitation poems to choose from this section, so I hope that you find one that you like.

Join Us

A gathering of our good friends,
To celebrate our dreams,
The magic of our wedding,
Is closer than it seems.

It shall be such a lovely day,
We hope that you'll attend,
For it would be a special treat,
To share with you, our friend.

So please say that you'll join us,
And that you'll come along,
To see us wed so happily,
That's what we're counting on!

by Lucilla Moretti
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If you are looking for a super short and sweet invitation poem, than take a look at this wedding invitation poem that will fit inside any litle space on a wedding invitation card.

You can also tell your guests how important it is for you and your partner for them to attend the wedding. That's exactly what this wedding invitation verse talks about. Now that one will surely make them feel very important and needed.

Plan Ahead

I would love to see your smile,
As I'm walking down the aisle,
So, without hesitation,
Please accept this invitation!

It would mean the world to me,
If I knew that you could see,
The wedding that we've planned.
For we think it will be grand.

My love and I will soon be wed,
So do your best to plan ahead,
To see you there would just be swell,
So come and hear our wedding bells!

by Lucilla Moretti

If you prefer to write your own invitation verse for your wedding, than maybe you just need a little bit of inspiration or verse ideas. I understand that sometimes it's difficult to come up with the right wording for that wedding invitation, and especially if you're trying to write a verse. I feel your pain because I've been there. Just don't give up.

But if you can't figure out the wording or just don't have the time, than feel free to use any one of these wedding invite verses available on these pages.

For example, this wedding invitation poem rhymes very well, since it was written in the AABB rhyming scheme.

Some poems for wedding invitations get straight to the point, so the person reading it knows right away what the request is about. While other verses for wedding invitations try to entice the guests by mentioning delicious cake and lots of dancing. That always works with me. I love weddings.

I have a friend who is a bit more on the formal side of things when it comes to weddings. She asked me to help her write a few wedding announcement verses for her wedding. So I decided to share the one she chose with you.

The last invitation poem was a true pleasure to write. I placed it on the beach wedding invitation verses page. Beach weddings are so much fun.

If you need some great advice on how to plan a successful wedding, I recommend you check out Weddings from A-Z. I really enjoyed their helpful articles and a nice list of online wedding merchants. Good luck

I appreciate that you spent the time reading my wedding invitation verses. I encourage you to share them with your family and friends, and I hope the responses will all be - "Yes!"

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