Wedding Bible Verses

Wedding Bible verses can powerfully proclaim your spiritual feelings to those with whom you share the poem. This poem makes it clear to all that the bride and groom trust in God and dedicate their marriage to Him!

Blessing From Above

To share our lives in this new way,
Is something we hold dear,
For wedded bliss will soon be ours,
Our wedding day is near.

What makes it even better yet,
Is sharing in God's love,
For nothing could be better
Than His blessing from above.

The Lord will be there in our lives,
To help us as we grow,
Our marriage will belong to Him,
And His love will we show.

by Lucilla Moretti
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When a man and woman get married, they agree to love one another and to respect each other. As the years go by, life's difficulties can create challenges in the marriage that must be overcome. A good friend of mine always says, "There's a whole lot that we can't handle, but there's nothing that God can't handle." She says that no matter what life throws your way, God is always with you and He will guide your marriage if you put your trust in him.

I think this poem really illustrates that point. It shows how important God's love is to the wedding couple, and it does so in a lyrical and beautiful way. Speaking about God's blessings and about His constant presence in a marriage demonstrates a spiritual devotion that is very strong.

If you share those sentiments, you might want to share this poem with your sweetheart before your wedding. Sharing common values and beliefs is probably part of what makes you such a great couple, so wedding Bible verses can only serve to help you communicate your feelings on the subject.

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