A Wedding Bible Verse

A wedding Bible verse is something very special, and this one would make a lovely and sentimental gift for your groom-to-be or bride-to-be.

Good Hands

I never wish to part,
I shall hold you in my heart,
And alone we'll be no longer,
In the Lord we shall grow stronger.

Our union gives us strength,
And we'll go to any length,
To uphold the good Lord's will,
And our hearts He'll surely fill.

Our wedding makes us one,
Our new journey has begun,
And though we do not know His plans,
We know that we are in good hands.

by Lucilla Moretti
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Poetry speaks from the heart. It's no secret that words are extremely powerful - they can make or break your mood, they can discourage or they can uplift, and they can certainly inspire. That is why we must be so careful with our words, and speak to others with love and respect.

While my husband and I were engaged, he wrote a beautiful letter to me. It wasn't sent for any special occasion, he simply wrote it to express his love and his excitement about our upcoming wedding. I thought it was one of the sweetest, most romantic gestures he could have made (and I still think it was wonderful). In the letter, he spoke of how God would guide our marriage and that we were in good hands. His words of love inspired me so much! I cherish his letter to this day and read it every once in a while.

If you are getting married, I encourage you to do something similar for your fiancé. I know from experience how meaningful such a gesture is, and I bet your sweetheart will appreciate your words so much. Feel free to include the wedding Bible verse on this page with your letter!

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