Wedding Anniversary Poems

The wedding anniversary poems in this section were written for you to share. Most of these poems may be given to your spouse. However, there are a few that can be shared with a parents, friends, or anyone who is celebrating a wedding anniversary.

Our Anniversary

This day, it means so much to me,
For it's our anniversary,
And I want you to truly know,
That my heart simply is aglow.

You make each year so wonderful,
Each day, you grow more beautiful,
You fill my heart with love and cheer,
And I do love you so, my dear.

So happy anniversary,
And thank you so for choosing me,
It will be fun to celebrate,
So let's dress up and have a date!

by Lucilla Moretti
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Wedding Anniversary Poems For Your Spouse or Partner

Let's start off with the wedding anniversary poetry page. It has a very nice poem that your sweetheart will love.

But if you are looking specifically for a poem to share with your wonderful husband, than you should take a look at Lovely Year. Feel free to include it in the anniversary card or letter that you will share with him.

Special Wife

My darling, I must say to you,
On this, our special day,
How much I still feel so in love;
I truly feel this way.

Another year has come and gone,
And yet it still feels new,
Such butterflies I feel inside,
When I look at you.

Happy anniversary,
My dear and special wife,
Thank you so for loving me,
You're the love of my life!

by Lucilla Moretti

Wedding Anniversary Poems For Your Parents, Friends, Etc.

The wedding anniversary verses page features a poem that is ideal for parents or a couple that have been togther for a long time.

If you know a couple that has a very close relationship, there is a poem specifically for them on the poetry wedding anniversary page. It certainly promotes romance.

One of my favorite anniversary poems within these pages is definitely - Awesome Year. I don't think it needs an explanation.

Wedding Anniversary Milestone Poems

Here's one that you may share with your partner on your 25th anniversary, and here's one for your 40th wedding anniversary.

25 Years is a sweet little poem that may be shared with a couple that are celebrating their 25th Anniversary.

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In my opinion, your first anniversary is one of the most important.

It is common for a couple to renew their vows during a milestone wedding anniversary. Our friends at have a wonderful section that talks about vow renewal ceremonies and how to make yours a huge success.

Our friends at have lots of wonderful and unique party ideas. Take a look for yourself. You may even be inspired.

A good example of a beautiful wedding or anniversary location is Asheville NC. Here's some more North Carolina romantic getaways you may wish to consider.

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