Sister Wedding Poems

Greeting cards with sister wedding poems inside are so much fun to browse through! There is nothing quite like a bond with your sister. Choosing a fun or meaningful poem for her, while challenging at times, can be very rewarding once you find that perfect poem!

New Beginning

Your wedding day I'd never miss,
My dearest, sweet and lovely sis,
I'm so very proud of you,
And what you are about to do.

I think your wedding will be great,
And I will help to decorate,
It will be a day of fun,
And it is not to be outdone!

Know that I will be right here,
Each and every single year,
And I just cannot stop grinning,
Thinking of your new beginning!

by Lucilla Moretti
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I think this poem perfectly captures the feelings that a sibling has for a sister on her wedding day. In my opinion, the very best sister poems express love, friendship and a wonderful close bond, and wedding poems are no exception! This poem clearly illustrates a number of different things, including the love, the pride, the unity, and the support you feel and want to extend to your sister.

Siblings sometimes fight, and my sister Luisa and I are no different. We fight about trivial things, but that's just part of our sisterly relationship! However, her wedding just brought us closer together, and there was no fighting on her special day! I was so proud of her, and so full of love and happiness for her and her husband. It was such a poetic day (no pun intended)!

If you're going to use sister wedding poems for your sister's wedding, then make sure the words of the poem capture your thoughts and feelings in the most perfect way!

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