Short Wedding Poems

How fun are short wedding poems? The answer is: very fun! Enjoy the poem below and I will share with you a short story about how I have seen this very poem used in the most creative way!

Just Got Married

Throw the rice and clang the bells,
Listen to the shouts and yells,
There has been a wedding here,
So raise your glass and give a cheer!

Toast the groom and toast the bride,
Now everybody to one side,
The bride will throw the bouquet soon,
And then she's off to honeymoon.

The car is set with cans in back,
And letters written all in black,
Upon a sign that we all carried,
And it says: Just Got Married!

by Lucilla Moretti
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The poem above is very versatile, and I'm going to tell you about a wonderful way that I have seen it put to use! My friend Michelle loves to scrapbook. Shortly after her son was married, she decided to put together a scrapbook to commemorate the event.

While gathering together all of her favorite pictures from the wedding, she had the wonderful idea to include a short wedding poem for each photograph. Her scrapbook is gorgeous, and each picture has its own page and special poem. It was such a creative idea, and she made a duplicate copy of the scrapbook for her son and daughter-in-law as well.

This poem was used with one of the photos in the scrapbook - a picture of the bride and groom getting into their car with the "Just Married" sign shown on the back of the car. It was absolutely perfect, and the page itself looked just gorgeous!

This is just one example of how short wedding poems can be used creatively to make a fun event become a timeless memory.

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