Humorous Wedding Poems

Humorous wedding poems sometimes don't include one very common topic: jealous guests! A lot of people don't want to admit it, but sometimes, the single people in the audience can feel a little jealous of the bride and groom.


That wedding dress seems kind of tight,
It doesn't fit exactly right,
I think the veil has got a snag,
That lacy hem looks like it sags.

The bride, she looks a little tired,
The groom however, he looks wired,
I think that bridesmaid winked at him,
His hair could use a little trim.

To be a "single" really means,
That you just feel so in-between,
You really just wish you were wed,
So jealous thoughts fill up your head!

by Lucilla Moretti
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Everyone has felt a little jealousy at some time or another, and attending a wedding can inspire a little harmless jealousy sometimes. This poem takes a sort of lighthearted view of those feelings, acknowledging the kind of thoughts such a person might have, but pointing out that it's only because he or she wants to be married, too.

When I was a bride, I knew that a few of my friends were very jealous of me. Some of them were outwardly critical of some of the choices we made for our wedding, making remarks about the band we chose or the flavor of the wedding cake. It's kind of a nasty thing for someone to do, but if you try to look at things from their perspective, they simply wish that they could be the center of attention as well and that they were being wed to a true love of their own.

If you look at it that way, it just goes to show that you can rise above that sort of pettiness. Even better, poke a little fun about it! Humorous wedding poems are a great way to say things you want to say in kind of an indirect way.

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