Best Friend Poem For Wedding

A best friend poem for wedding purposes must be written very well, since our best friends are so very dear to us. Only the best is good enough for them, and I think the following poem is a lovely choice to give to your best friend for his or her wedding!

On Your Wedding Day

You know that you are my best friend,
And I'm so glad for you,
I can't believe you're getting hitched;
You've found a love so true!

You know how much I love you,
I couldn't love you more,
And I'm so happy that you found
A partner you adore.

Your wedding will be wonderful,
And I can proudly say,
That I will stand up there with you,
On your wedding day!

by Lucilla Moretti
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Best friends usually tell each other first when one of them becomes engaged to be married. When my husband proposed to me, he was barely out the door and on his way home before I called my best friend, Caroline! She was so excited, and we made lunch plans for the following day so that I could tell her (again) the details of his proposal. It's so wonderful to be able to share your joy with a best friend!

I feel so fortunate that Caroline was there to help me with my wedding plans and to be my maid of honor. She was so supportive, and she always made me laugh during times when I felt stressed or frustrated.

When Caroline got married a couple of years later, I was so excited to return the favor! I sent this poem to her in the mail, and she called me as soon as she read it. She thought it was a very nice gesture, and I was so glad that she enjoyed it!

A best friend poem for wedding notes or cards is a wonderful idea, and if your best friend is getting married, feel free to share this poem with him or her today!

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