50th Wedding Anniversary Poem

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Proper Way!

Fifty years, it seems so long,
And you two are still going strong,
Your marriage must be truly blessed,
For it has withstood many tests.

Little squabbles, you have had,
Then made up and felt so glad,
Always reaffirming love,
Like a gift sent from above.

Enjoy your anniversary,
We hope that it is filled with glee,
You both have earned your special day,
So celebrate the proper way!

by Lucilla Moretti
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Here's another short and sweet 50th Anniversary poem. It talks about the fifty years that have passed and how the love between a couple has grown over the years.

The 50th wedding anniversary poetry page contains a poem that you may share with your wonderful spouse. Each stanza has a repeating line that begins with - "when I married you,"

Golden Anniversary

A golden anniversary,
A beautiful event,
A blissful celebration,
A love that's heaven-sent.

Fifty years of precious love,
Fifty years of trust,
Fifty years of commitment,
And doing what you must.

Faithful love so strong and true,
Faithful harmony,
You are both to be admired,
That's what we all agree!

by Lucilla Moretti

Did you like that one? Is that something you would share with your parents or grandparents?

Happy Anniversary is a poem that may also be shared with your parents or grandparents on their golden anniversary.

But if you are the one who is celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary, than here is a beautiful poem for 50th wedding that your husband or wife will truly appreciate.

Are you attending a 50th wedding anniversary and you are not sure what to write inside the anniversary card? Maybe you should consider adding this free wedding anniversary poem that will surely compliment the card nicely.

Being apart of a golden anniversary is true joy. It takes a lot of love and commitment for two individuals to stay together for half a century. A lot of people simply don't make to their 50th anniversary due to old age and illness. But the ones that do, should be very proud and grateful at the same time.

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I think in order for any couple to experience their 50th wedding anniversary they obviously need goog health on their side. But they also need trust in their relationship. Without that, the marriage would not last that long.

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