40th Wedding Anniversary Poems

If you're searching for 40th wedding anniversary poems, look no further! The following poem was written to be given to a very special spouse on a 40th anniversary.

Our Ruby

It's been so great, with me and you,
Let's celebrate all we've been through,
Our ruby anniversary,
40 years you've been with me!

They've all been truly wonderful,
Always fun and never dull,
Our days so bright and full of laughter,
From the start and ever after.

I hope you know how great you are,
You'll always be the brightest star,
My life is but a small reflection,
Of your wonderful perfection.

by Lucilla Moretti
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I personally don't know what it's like to celebrate a 40th anniversary, since my husband and I just celebrated our 10th anniversary. However, my parents celebrated a 40th (and then a 50th!), and it was a wonderful day for both of them, marking 40 years of commitment and marriage. Their ruby anniversary was very special, and I hope that yours will be, too!

I was so awed when I really thought about their 40th anniversary. Forty years is four decades! That's such a long time to be committed to one another and to share so many experiences together. I was so proud of them. If you've been married 40 years, you should be proud of yourself, too! You've proven that you and your spouse are committed to each other, and that is very meaningful!

This poem really captures the spirit of just such a momentous anniversary. You might notice that not only does it compliment the recipient, but it talks about the way that he or she has brought so much fun and laughter to the marriage. Those things are so important. I think anyone would be honored to receive this poem on their 40th anniversary. And if you aren't sure about 40th wedding anniversary poems, why not just try it and see?

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